Xander’s College Life, Year 2 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Being Perfect. Again.

So I’ve learned today, that sometimes 24 hours isn’t enough to cram everything you need to know for a final. I also discovered that sometimes, no matter how prepared you might think you are in your mind, practice can make all the difference (tetrahedral cyanide rings and epoxides can to hell).

I’ve also realized that… I’m getting what I deserved. Sometimes, even for me, luck isn’t always on my side (and for some evil games, like rock/paper/scissors, it just never is), and that yeah, sheer determination alone can’t get past 81 missed classes a semester.

Eighty one. That’s a new record. After two semesters of rising grades, it looks like it’s gonna crash this time. Meh. I figured. Well, at least I’ve learned that I’m not academically immortal. Orgo kicked my lazy, class ditching, nap-and-miss-homework-deadlines, screw-studying-cuz-squishy-wants-to-play, im too tired to work hard, i dont know how to work hard’s ARSE–bigtime. As did the entire semester. Organic was supposed to be the class that finally breaks it to you that you NEED to work hard in college. Uh huh. Silly, retarded, dumbshit, me. Yeah, I knew it was coming; I just figured (futilely hoped) that I’d be able to pull out of this downward spiral in time. But alas…

So anyway. Enough self-condescention. What’s good? What’s up? This semester is all about over. Two more days and my last final is over. Done with. Had. It’s so hard to believe. Somehow, the weeks and months actually blended together, the days and nights went by and with little warning, it’s suddenly, all over. Kinda crazy, we’re almost halfway done with college, and where do I find myself?

Lost all over again, expanding majors, taking too many classes, and getting buried in the deluge of my insane life. Life *is* of course, always
insane. And now that it’s almost over, I can finally look back… and understand what it has all been. A series of mistakes, blunders, and
stupid decisions that I’ll never be able to take back. Heh, but it’s okay! Because in the great scheme of life, these educational errors
will serve ME well.


But ya know, it’s not that bad… okay fine it is. Everything about this semester left much to be desired. But that’s it–so I take this as a lesson brought full circle. Last year, I was shown how amazing school could be; how I must always have hope, always expect to prevail; like beginner’s luck, I suppose. This year, everything sucks… but after the previous one, I know how good life can be. SO…

So… my decision for the day, and the coming new year:

I’m going to BE PERFECT, again. If not by luck, then by working my ass off, because, luck or not, I refuse to lose.

  • It’s only as sane as you want to be, because people live only in their worlds.
  • tisk tisk… too much sleeping and playing! squishy should threaten to not play unless you pull your A’s.
    btw, I don’t think you should take so much pride in how many classes you’ve ditched/missed. Why don’t you take pride in how many classes you haven’t missed? I mean even if the class “isn’t really worth going”… you should still go so that you don’t break the habit of going.

    When I start missing classes, it seems to me that I might as well miss more since I’ve already missed the one before, or that I won’t miss anything important and that I can just learn it myself from the book… but I always find myself in a bigger hole at the end of the quarter just because of that first missed class.

    iono… just a thought. can’t wait to see you soon!

  • i didn’t even know there WERE 81 classes in a semester
  • good luck trying
  • trying is overrated, especially when you fall short 🙁
  • it’s all a lesson worth learning… which is y i’m not failing chem, or another class, ever again
  • it might be too late…

    to turn back now

  • lol and here i am worrying about missing a total of 3 classes.
    tsk tsk indeed.
  • i like that last quote!!…. i stole it =P
  • aww yeah i know what you mean, classes screwed me over so bad this semester…

    but be happy, cuz WE’RE DONE WITH ORGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tetrahedral cyanide ring??? where did u hear that from??? CN is linear.. so…. tetrahedral??… and ring????
  • ooo ya… im still having trouble believing u’ll work ur butt off next sem though : )

  • par/far = learning?? por favor…i dont need to learn wat “soul food” is, nor do i need to learn how to speak Korean. who is this btw?
  • alex! i see you found my xanga! i like your song 🙂 i learned all the words already 🙂 have a great break!
  • hey… one bad semester’s not going to ruin you’re entire academic career… but 5 good semesters also may not determine the rest of ur future… academics is important, but it’s not all life is… maybe that will relieve ur stress a little