Walks are good

I love takings walks. Walks are good. Whatever emotion that might have been coursing through mind is left behind where they matter, and you
move on, to somewhere where it doesn’t  matter, and the worst thing that could possibly happen is that you have to go back. For normally impulsive people like me, walks help me realize what’s worth the fight, and what’s not. “It” being the sum of all things that define my life. Walks also keep you from doing stupid things when you’re pissed. Which is good. I’ve been battling reactivity since January 15, 2000.

So here I am now. Sitting at Grainger. Surpisingly not pissed anymore, not even angry. Just heavily annoyed and fuming… but even that is
cooling down.

I like Grainger. It’s a seperate world where everyone suffers together–studying, reading, or otherwise doing work. Everyone is here with a purpose; no one comes here to hang out. Except me, today.

*Sigh.* Emotions are stupid. One day, I hope to say that I’ve grown past having emotions run my life. Mmm… I guess I have nothing more to
say, for now. I have a bio exam to study for, and I might as well print some notes while I’m here.

Grainger. It’s a good place, and I don’t want to go back. Not yet.