Autumn Fires

(Written last Thursday)
I should probably be doing TAM like I said I would. Or studying for orgo… or maybe walking to my advising appointment. But bah, the weather is too amazing here to be doing anything else but to enjoy it! I said I’d write a real entry. Bah to that too–I’ll write it later.

I love autumn! I don’t ever remember the campus looking so beautiful. One of the last warm days of the year, I suppose. I wish I brought by camera… oh well. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, later… I’m always pushing things off till later. This procrastination is proven to be quite a problem. A battle needs to be fought… later of course.

Isn’t the quad beautiful! All 320×240 pixels of it!

Oh, and wtf is this?

Access denied on my own computer? Who turned off my access privilages?

ALSO–hehe–I like this:

Your Expression Number is 9
  • 525600 minutes, how do you measure a year???? awww.. i love this song. =)
  • looks decent for that resolution. and maybe your procrastination is just rational self-interest?

    that is a great soundtrack. lol, i must admit i heard a commercial with this song a few weeks ago, and loved it so much i got the soundtrack that night.

  • haha denied

  • Humanitarian or wanting to please that little voice that tells you you’re better than everyone else because you’re willing to help?


  • my campus looks prettier than your campus
  • holy shit i love this song… it’s totally on my playlist right now…good taste good taste.
  • ok…


  • chagun=small
    whoa..wat am i missin’ here?

  • aah fuck.
    never mind.
    i’m sure its not small. i don’t know why i’m saying shit like that.
    tired of being so negative.
    my bad hyung

  • aww, NU is prettier 🙂
  • wow yeah the expression number thing is weirdly accurate…