I totally need a new Xanga entry.

Currently, I am reading a Stress Management For Dummies book and procrastinating on studying for my next four exams.  I can take the liberty of procrastination because I raped my Math 385 exam today.  I feel I am becoming ever-the-more screwed when it comes to academics, but fear not!  Xander will pull through.


How is my life, you ask?

Well I’m glad you did.

My life is going swell, other than the threat of perceived school screwage in the aforementioned paragraph.  I would like to write some typical entry about how life is about living and etc etc etc, but you know that already.  And you know what – I am living.  I am studying when I should be sleeping and sleeping when I should be socializing (but how else are we supposed to live vicariously through dreams, hmm?).  I am buying strawberry sorbets at Late Nite (heaven!) and delicious peanut butter shakes at Moonstruck (expensive!).  I am caring little about Soxtober and being forced to watch Sex and the City (good) and Desperate Housewives (better).  I am setting up gorgeous lights outside my dorm room
which will be taken down in a month after building inspectors deem it a fire hazard; I am searching for apartments with three of my best high school friends.  Yes indeed, life is being lived.  And therefore, it is good.

I’m sure you’d like a deep and indepth entry reflective of my chapters from last year, but you know what – here’s an idea.  Use your imagination.  Or, better yet, focus on your own life.  And on living it.  Because precious hours are being wasted on this terrible thing we call Xanga.

So off with you now!

(But leave a comment first, you eprop-filcher)