Unjustified retaliation

So how bad is it to get exactly what we deserve? The mistakes we make, intentionally, or misintentionally, can harm and hurt others so much. I’ve made my share of mistakes that were unforgivable. Everyone does. The unfairness of the world demands that someone gets a bad piece of pie. Just as no one is without sin, no one is without his or her fair share of harms against those around them, be they strangers, or close friends. Even best of friends disappoint, and you inevitably *will* make mistakes too.

If everyone got what they deserved, there wouldn’t be much humanity left in this world. So how do we live on, without the crushing burden of hurts received and given weighing us to the ground? We can detach ourselves from disappointment, never expect any more from a friend than we would a stranger. We may be alone, but at least then, we would never be hurt. And maybe, just maybe, someone would pull through all those layers of defense, and prove to you that maybe… it’s not that bad after all.

Or, we can forgive. We can forgive each other of the offenses that are not deserving of forgiveness, and perhaps we too can be forgiven for the harms we deal. I’m not talking about the grace of God, but I mean as individuals. As friends. As people who are capable of giving love. Holding grudges never helped anyone… and as I’ve just confirmed again… to hurt someone so close to me… its worse than being alone. I hate it. I hate it and I’d rather be hurt than to give it.

So… I’m sorry. No one deserves not to be treated with love and care.

Hate may get more done, but Love is stronger. Love is not (shouldn’t be) selfish… and love never fails.

  • i think love can be selfish. i guess in that case it’d be bordering on jealously, though, so i guess it depends on how we define love. and love never fails? i dunno. that seems very broad. “never”? and as far as love being stronger, dont’ they always say there’s a fine line between love and hate? aren’t they pretty close? isn’t there a very broad spectrum of loves and hates? are you saying all those degrees of love are stronger than any degree of hate, even the strongest?

    lol, you can ignore this comment, i just felt like practicing asking questions!

  • thanks for reminding me. =)

  • ……

    Well, at the very least:

    Person + mistake + realization = wise person

    Wise person + mistake + realization = wisER person….?

    (Not comforting, but at least it’s something to bank on)