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XXXVIII – Day 13879

Haha, I’m kind of scared that ChatGPT is going to take away my will to write, given how well it seems to do. But nay that’s how we cede ground in the human-vs-AI wars no? Must try harder!

So here am, at the turn of 38, back here to blog about it! That it’s been almost two decades since my turning 19 post is kind of a shock, but seeing how much I had changed between then and 20 I do feel that since then, growth in my (writing) voice has come a little slower. I do wonder occasionally if I’m ‘supposed’ to be writing in far more elegant prose by now, but I think the chief reason is that I’ve not been writing for fun nearly as much since short-form social media came to dominate our online discourse.

(Are folks closer to 40 supposed to act like they’re suddenly old people? Dunno, but I’m gonna keep doing me, so 馃槢 ya)

Anyway, wanted to write a real post, something I could reflect on later, and ask ChatGPT to incorporate into my ongoing meta-analysis of my blog.

Onwards to 38!

An AI conceptualization of ideas/symbols in a neo-Korean alphabet

Broadening Korean Linguistic Horizons: A Global Call (GPT4)

Communication is the heart of our interconnected world, and languages need to adapt to keep pace. To this end, it’s time we considered broadening the Korean alphabet, Hangul, by introducing new sounds鈥攕uch as F, V, Th, and Sh鈥攂ut, not only from English but also from other languages worldwide.

First, adding these sounds can enrich the way we express loanwords from different languages. For instance, the ‘F’ sound鈥攃ommon in languages from English to Arabic鈥攚ould help Koreans pronounce words like ‘coffee’ or ‘falafel’ closer to their original forms.

Second, these sounds are not just about English鈥攖hey’re used in many global languages. By adopting F, V, Th, and Sh, Hangul would be better equipped to articulate and understand words from a myriad of languages, fostering deeper international connections.

Lastly, languages are living, evolving entities. Just as English has integrated sounds and words from languages around the globe, Korean too can grow through this adaptive evolution. Incorporating F, V, Th, and Sh into Hangul would highlight the global influence on our language, signaling our readiness to participate more fully in the international linguistic community.

In conclusion, adding these sounds to Hangul could pave the way for enhanced global communication. It’s not about becoming more like English鈥攊t’s about embracing the sounds of the world. It’s a small step that could have a massive impact, opening up new avenues of understanding and expression for the Korean language.

This is a decision we should make together, as a community. We invite everyone to join the conversation and express their thoughts. After all, language is the voice of the people鈥攊t’s only right that we all have a say in shaping its future. This small step could open up new avenues of understanding and expression, ensuring that Korean continues to grow and thrive in our ever-evolving global landscape.


Hello 2023!

I’m back in Naperville this week, my home through high school and a place I considered my coming-of-age hometown. Now, I consider Seattle my real adult coming of age town, but Naperville still holds an important place in my lifetime of memories.

There’s a lot of nostalgia here, even more so given how little things have changed. Entire miles of street are virtually identical to when I left some 15 years ago

One thing I don’t miss though is how COLD it is here in the winters (all temps in Fahrenheit):聽Brrrrrr!! I’m cold just looking at the forecast. So cold, that despite planning my commute into Chicago each day, I’ve so far ended up working from home. Not that I’m complaining.

Maybe I’ll go into Chicago tomorrow? We’ll see… till next time!