Learning by being

So here I am now, in Limbo again. I’d almost say it’s familiar territory, probably why it doesn’t seem so terribly bad. But it’s okay, I’ve learned that in the larger sense of the universe, things tend to fall together as the should, and in that, I still have faith.

I’ve experienced so much over the past six months. A lot of firsts, emotional extremes of all kinds. Happiness, sadness, contentness, anxiety, jealosy, trust, paranoia… things I’d always said that I would deal with rationally, with logic guiding me right along. But as I’ve come to see, logic often takes the backseat when it comes to things like this. And I am thankful for that bit of humanity.


It’s been good, its been fun; but in retrospect, it’s been *really* good. The lessons I’ve been taught are taking their time getting to my words and actions, but they’re coming. I’ve learned that sometime less is more. That it takes a lot more to understand a soul than to experience something similar. That pride against pride can lead to utter destruction. That sometimes, it’s better to just wait and listen to Danial Powter on repeat than to try making things right. In any case, I’ve learned that lives, for we are not entirely alone tend to overlap and mingle without too much effort.

I’ve learned that to love is uncircumstantial. That it can cut through all anger, upsetness, and pride. Most of all, I’ve learned that people will be people. Person will be person. Even the best of friends will disappoint but what’s to be sad about when they find what makes them happy? And that giving in is rarely the same as giving up.

That is all.