Okay, rapid fire thoughts again. Three sections with drastically different thoughts over the course of 6 hours…

At Nick’s house:

After Squishy:

Post Girl Next Door…:


Actually… nah~screw all the above. There’s too much going on, always to keep a record of the moments in life. I’m thinking back at the past four months–the end of one era, and the entirety of another (as the power of women seem to define our lives, no?), and it’s been so very much, I’ve gained an amazing Squishy friend (who is and shall likely continue to be a voice of wisdom), gone through my first official relationship, and from it all, received a strong push into a more balanced existence.

Where am I now? Like they say in quantum physics, you cannot possibly know the position and velocity of a quantum particle with accuracy, just one or the other. I think I know where I am, and I’ve accepted the facts and have been greeted with liberation, the question really should be “where am i going?”. That, my fellow reflectees, I cannot answer. But, if my life’s history has told me anything, it’ll be good if I let it be.

I read through a HUGE amount of my own entries (first time in a few months), and I was almost surprised at the changes I’ve gone through. It’s like I’d forgotten who I was… but like the quote goes… it’s okay to lose yourself, as long as you can get yourself back.

One day, I will lose my self in the moments… the right moment. At the right time. 🙂