Just three words

I’m sighing right now. A huge huge sigh, like you would when you’ve written a thousand words of the three thousand you intended to write, before realizing you only need three. Like when you were fighting so hard for the sake of your world, and then you realize that your world is actually in good hands (or for those who don’t believe; that the world is actually quite good at taking care of itself ). It’s almost a sigh of disappointment… but that wouldn’t be very becoming of me. It’s really an awakening accompanied by hope, and realization that I still have a
lot to learn.

Just ten minutes ago, I was boiling with a desire to say so much, writing entries that will never be read and a letter that will likely never be received, and now, with the moments having passed, they seem almost meaningless; and now a giant ‘So what now?’ is what’s left. I’ve always tried to record all the moments throughout the day as if they’d be lost if I didn’t, but I think I can let some feelings slide, moments pass, and when I’m ready, to just reflect a bit in order to move forward.

Forward. “Forward” never seems quite the same in reflection as it does in those moments. But, it’s the best version of it there is.

…(2 hours later)

I’ve been so moody lately!!! Argggrggggg!! Yarggh!!! Blahh!!! Hear me ROAR!!!

You know what? There’s all the time in the world to reflect, and I WILL later. But for now, my precious weekend is flying by, and I think I’ll ride the slipstream~I think I’m gonna go out and live a little on this one and only July 4th, 2005….

Feeling: Liberated!


Here’s an amusing photo that Mr. Kirk took from last week (at the Wired Expo)

And despite the title, at this point of the day, neither of us were *brooding*


Happy 229th!