A random post

I suppose I should be doing my chem homework now. Hah. I suppose I should be working ahead on ECE homework like I had planned. LoL. So funny how often I find myself with some free time where I could actually work ahead, but never do. Some things never change nay?

So instead, I’m here, wondering a bunch of stuff. Like how Angelex is still down. Like how I have all these books to read, tennis I want to play, CRCE I want to workout at, ideas I want to transcribe, and yet, like always I find some way to put all the good things off till later. But that’s okay, since it’s just life as usual. I’m actually amazed at how much time I do have. Just enough it seems, as any more, and I would most likely squander it with something less useful.

Then again…

I’ve been having this weird feeling of confined somewhere in the back of my mind. Not my ideas or feelings, or even those words at the tip of my tongue yet in the unreachable pathways of my mind—I’ve had fears that my entire existence happened to be in this confined state. So while I work and the things my life seems to be goes well, my soul is paralyzed to interact in any other way with the world than my meat machine and nurture-created persona. So yes. At random times, from time to time, I feel trapped and stuck, and more than ever desire to be free.

But free from what?

Hmm… if I only knew.