Stumbling onto destiny

I think I might have done (or started doing) what I promised the world not to do from about two years ago.

Heh, yet they say we often meet destiny on the path we take to avoid it. Don’t worry. I’ll get things back on track soon enough!

  • way to go

  • b.muffin — i’m giving away your birthday present. have our paths brought us so far apart

  • isn’t destiny just a convinient way of excusing yourself from controling your fate? wait what am i babbling about?
    hey destiny brought me so far to leave this comment
    haha i am so clever. (not)
    way to go xander. i think…
  • so what did you promise the world you would not start doing two years ago?
  • ?
  • blast!

    and I thought that promise you made years ago was to talk in abstractions…

    guess you haven’t broken that one yet,


  • yes.