Creativity! Take control of me!

I usually find that I have so much to write, (like I do now) but this time, I’m going to hold my electronic tongue until I get this project rolling. What project you ask?

You can see it here…

That one

Yep. Angelex is coming back, this time, on its own top level domain! But enough of techicalities, let’s just say that this project is gonna be awesome. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my place on the net. Besides. Webdesign skills always come in handy. I’ve had my dose of inspiration today from Jessica’s (one of P-la’s old friends) website at Though I’ve never met her before, I can already say
that she is amazing. There is beauty in her expression (beauty as defined in Closer ). Makes me almost wish that I was restricted at home with only tools and my mind to keep me company. She has so many skills, and puts them to such good use that I can’t help but admire in respect. Parker!! I want to be like you !

Haha–I’ve also found a lot of webtools that I want to try to put to use. Besides… now that I’ve become a sellout and an engineer, I need something to keep my creativity tiptop! With Abandonite as my inspiration, Angelex shall be reborn.


SO I’m back at school again already. And it rocks

With the unfortunate circumstance of not having any reasearch to participate in, everything is great! I do miss people back home, and am spending three grand for a few more classes, but this is an experience in true independence–paying for rent, cooking, utilities.

Every day, a few hundred incoming freshmen are here for their summer orientation. Sitting at the Union food court, every day they pass by on
tours, some with friends, while their parents attend their own info sessions upstairs. So time passes by… I’m still confused over where my college experience is going, and already here’s another generation of kids, fresh and eager–some more than others–but all about to enter the once in a lifetime undergraduate experiece. And what I am left thinking and feeling? A bit of shock and a bit of awe, a bit of forced maturity, and a bit of lostedness… a bit of this and a bit of that, and most of all, just “wow… so we’re not the newest kids on the block anymore”. Heh–I think it’s worth a smile. These new kids are a reminder that the world will always go on, whether or not I managed to catch the last wave. Well, congrats to them, and may they suffer through less confusion than I (~though statistically, I know they will~).


One thing that sucks about this appartment business is the near consistent lack (healthy) things to eat. We have plenty of foodstuffs, just not so much the mysterious powers necessary to transform it to food. Which makes today so much more significant. We actually COOKED food today–and as you can see… I can make food!

Holding what’s left of the Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken. Squishy knows~

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the joys of cooking–who could have known that spending hours in the kitchen could be so much fun? Except that it cuts into my study time (lol–absolutely j/k-ing). Psssh, this wasn’t as good as the last time though (Jon claims it was less incentive–hehe–perhaps it was).

OH, and here’s the video of Cindy being dunked in the water. Laugh your butts off!

Okay! That’s it for now–more relevant writing later~