Lose yourself, as long as you can get yourself back

This will probably be the shortest interval between entries ever, but sitting around and bumming some more has put me in a mode of reflection.

I think my life has taken a turn for the normal recently, and by normal, I mean nothing I ever usually deal with. Would it be weird to say that I’m a novice at actually living life real-time?

I suppose I need to give my mind some time to catch up with my life.

I remember holding great fear that I would eternally be an observer in my own life, at least when it came to people, living in reaction to my social surroundings, a center of my own story in my head, but still feeling that I needed to know the rules before I could play. At some point I realized that nobody knowns all the rules, and that even without knowing the rules, you can live anyway…


But that’s okay. I’m not in a mood to write about personal history.

It’s okay to lose yourself in the moment, but as long as you can get yourself back