Future Memories of 2005

Haha–it’ll be interesting to see in the future how my Xanga represents this time of my life. Yes, I accept the fact that at some point in the distant future, writing and propping may lose its appeal, at least on this one website.

It is facinating how entries written by very different people can sometimes be so indistinguishable from my own to readers, and sometimes even, to me. I know I’ve said this before, but blogging is a blessing to our generation. It’s a time when we wonder how alone in our experiences we are in the world–and if anything, I’ve come to realize that in fact, we’re not alone at all.

<>< <>< <>< (whoaaa… these look like fishies!)

I’ve been running for a long time. Or not even running, but just ignoring. I suppose what keeps me from breaking down in the complete contradiciton of my life is that I firmly beleive that I will turn back. I will return from the faith and conviction that I felt so much that I had a year ago, and all this wandering will only be further testament to why that path is right…

…yet, why I am running in the first place then?

><> ><> ><>

Why do I believe so strongly in ideals? I suppose it’s because I’ve always had hope. I’ve always believed that love and perfection existed, perhaps in various forms, but that it’s there. I believe that one could be so seemingly illogical and misguided enough to give one’s life for the sake of another, perhaps in the moment of a gunshot, the signing of a paper, or any other irrevocable decision, and that it was good. Or that a mother could, in spite of the pain, burden, and time lost, would to dedicate her life to her child, a son to his father, a people to their creator. The key word is “choose”. I heard it on K-LOVE on committment… “committment is a choice, not a personality trait,” and that sentiment as been a foundation in my mind ever since. I am one to believe in the ulitmate power of the individual, and the decisions they make.

Economics can predict the movement of societies, but when it comes to individuals… it becomes much harder–for not only are we fickle, but we are by economic definitions irrational. We buy things not for their utility, but for the value we place. And that of course includes the ultimate choice to love.

Call it maternal instict, honor, duty, these aren’t wrong answers–just incomplete ones. What compells us to have instincts? To beleive in honor or duty? On the surface, it could be survival instinct, pride, or game theory, etc… and maybe we don’t have a soul and all we are is a collection of genes and responses to our changing environment. Maybe we are all just meat machines, coded through random mutations. But… that would be too simple of an explanation. We are alive aren’t we? We experience our world through our sensations, and we FEEL. Whatever theories you use to describe them, it really doesn’t matter. Deeper down, if you can beleive in an conscious soul that feels through the body and mind, then you must believe in love.

Besides. God tells us so .

…but I suppose it’s hard to believe when it’s so hard to find in life… but stick to it. Truly believing in something means you keep believing it even when it doesn’t bring you what you want.


My best judgment tells me that I’ve been thinking too much lately. What do ya think?


Eternally, K comes before S in the alphabet.