Open minds, free words

*Sigh… I love talking to people that listen, with minds open.


I think I’m finally regaining the faculty of thought again, but with a new awareness for actually LIVING life! I’ve come to terms with how much I’ve grown in the past decade, year, month.5, week, day, night…

When I think of times past and how I used to think and believe, I feel connected and disconnected at the same time. It’s the same me and I understand why I felt that way, yet I can’t ever imagine feeling the same way again. I’m realizing how much the past is a part of me, while at the same time realizing that the past is past… I am not the same person I was when I said goodbye to my Spectrum school friends who’d I’d never see again/felt the beauty of completion/second impression of an old acquaintence/ate lunch at central 4th hour/still had my car/felt doubts popping up and have trust and common sense pound them down–despite still feeling the connections to each mindset. It’s not just that I’m a selectively-metacognitive thinking while living hopeful optimist now–and I still remember each stage as I endured it.



I miss Tauri…