I’ve just discovered that Shaneal has been stealing my <EDIT> html tags! Grr!!! Okay, yes I was purposely vague in the below entry, and I will continue to be vague for the sake of myself and others. Thanks to a generally mature party attendance, no one was hurt, and thanks to very lenient (and perhaps lazy) DuPage Country public service officers, we got off very lightly.

But I can delineate a little more. The backdrop for this incident was our desire to throw the largest, *best* _ever_ summer kickoff party, start things off with a bang! And yes, as jammiNGjf56’s comment says, it ended with a bust–in spite of this, I think I still have to acknowledge the scale of planning that went in, and the scale of fun that emerged, until CFU4.

LoL—brings back old memories of CFU2 almost two years ago, but it was totally different. Unlike last time… or actually, (lol) like the CFU2 incident, this party had been in the planning long before the event itself. It went by names such as “Benefit Renu Kapoor Foundation Party”,
“The First Party of Summer”, “VKMGD” (the meaning you can try to guess on your own).With over a month in planning, 300+ emails, and nearly $500, what emerged was no small gathering. (Haha—I think I received a fifth of all the messages in my personal archives over this one party. But it was nice–and surprisingly convenient, especially considering our FAR apartness over the end of the school year.)

Granted we had a lot of fears: not enough people coming, being taken over by poker people, or the video game crowd. Thankfully, things went in favor of fun, and things went pretty darned well. The most random people dropped in too! Random people I’ve never actually met–random NCHS folk, etc…

The party itself started rather lame… but only getting ready, and then things improved by the hour; by midnight,  it was getting awesome. Tipping was strongly encouraged, and I think we garnered about $80 in tips… until some bastardos stole from the tip jar. Who the hell steals from a free party?!


Chaos ensued: a dude got tackled trying to run away, some jumped the backyard fence, a dear female friend blacked out after hitting some rocks… people ran, hid…(a couple fell asleep)… and otherwise abandoned the party.  The *party* pretty much ended there.Parents were called, injured spirits tended to, tickets (arbitratily) handed out… but overall, we got of VERY lightly.

LOL-some of the most hilarious stories emerged from this incident, ask around and you’ll hear–I have a feeling that the aftermath of this party is going to be going around for a while. Here’re some quotables:

“I hope you guys learned your lesson: ‘don’t drink off campus.'”

“Next time, just run, and dont look back–we don’t want to have to deal with the paper work.”

“The party was *worth* the ticket!”
– Greatest compliment ever.

Police, upon finding 3 guys hiding in a closet:
“Looks like a gay party in here!”

All in all, I feel sorry for the unlucky people that ended up paying the price–I hope everyone was okay… and that they enjoyed the party while it lasted. And the CFU4 Incident and its aftermath as well. Haha… wow, what a night. Thank God we’re all okay. I’m also thankful for understanding parents, conducive circumstances, caring friends… and I do hope with all my heart that everyone is okay.

I suppose I’m not in the rightest of minds right now, affected slightly by chemicals both endrogenous and external, fear, worry, and concern of circumstances still ongoing… and a bigger issue of my own. People that read this for the most part will know happened. But in case you didn’t, let me just say that we got screwed by people doing their jobs. I personally have been touched by a bit of grace, as I happened to be over 19, I received no ticket, and I have been blessed with understanding parents. But some of us were not so lucky…

But that’s what happened, and even as things are ongoing now, I hope hope hope hope, wish wish wish wish, pray pray pray pray pray, that
things will be okay with them all. There is not way to turn back time, but we can face it together-ish.

Heh…oh boy… okay. It’s kinda funny how my biggest concern, inside, isn’t even about CFU4. It’s funny… it really is…

What is it dear Squishy? I tried so hard to be detatched… but I guess I’m not that great at detatching myself from pain or happiness. I have been wrong though, to expect more than I was willing to give myself–we’re both afraid of getting hurt so much… like the world warns us so… we are indeed very different, and I won’t presume anything anymore. We are friends yes… and there’s no stronger foundation than that. It’s funny what extraordinary circumstances bring things together, and put things in motion… but what now?

Okay okay… j ust talked to everyone that I could… seems that we’re all, for the most part, okay… okay… I wonder how I’ll feel when I wake up tomorrow morning. This wasn’t quite the morning I was expecting…

And tomorrow is supposed to be my birthday. Hah, what a way to remember it.