Missing daydreaming

[I think there’s been an overload of distasteful writing on my Xanga over the past few entries (and of course it’s “my” writing), so I think it’s time for some real  Xanga-ing .]

Things ended with a relative calm this week, almost as stagnation. Can’t complain too much though, better than the busy crazy beginning. Saturday night was crazy–ALMOST SOOOO CLOSE, ALMOST broke into NNHS Senior Celebration–if it was anything like last year’s it would have been a BLAST… haha–still had a fun time evading the “adults”  while scurrying across the faculty parking lot, and freaking the crap out of Kirk. That poor boy, he must have never seen action… but yeah, after narrowly avoiding the plague, I was glad to be heading back home. Er… back to school.

I miss daydreaming. I mean real daydreaming, when there’s nothing important to do, and letting yourself fall into your own little quasi-reality.  I miss those days, it seemed like my mind has grown rather shallow over the years. The price of normality perhaps. Lately, I’ve become inclined to take a nap, or sit around doing nothing instead of exercising my imagination. Even writing has seemed to become a chore.

But on the drive back, I thought I’d let my mind wander in reflection and imagination. For those who don’t know, between Chicago and Champaign , more than anything, there is emptiness. Especially at this time of the year after the harvest and before the growing season, there are treeless plains of dirt and dust that extend all the way to the horizon. When the sun sets just right, clouds and the haze of humidity in the air—like it did tonight—the “horizon” disappears, and the landscape seems to go on forever, until it blends with the sky—a scene perfect for the imagination. It begs for Imagination’s attention, and it certainly had mine, and I had a vision of the New World towers and shuttles and the majestic dragons that I hadn’t seen in years. And playing from the stereo was Castles in the Sky .

“Why oh why do we build castles in the sky…”

Twilight descended soon after, the red sun’s glow from below the horizon softly gave way to the deep blues and lavenders of the coming night. Without it, the magical effect of the light is gone, the bleakness became more apparent. The austerity of the vastness begged to be filled, yet even this is ever so beautiful.  I love such expansive spaces; as we rode across I-57, I was reminded of the barren canyonlands of Utah …

The beauty of all creation is so amazing, even in utter emptiness. My crap camera doesn’t do this canyon world justice. But just imagine and
listen… … … … … … … … …and what do you think you’d hear? I wonder what it’s like at twilight, as silent as ever, with the sound of the rolling wind across the miles reminding you of the expanse ahead and below…

Blah… I had more significant thoughts too, but that can wait for later. Maybe SOMEBODY will stop writing junk and start writing something worthy of this Xanga…