NES Life

Okay, that’s it. Do you guys remember the old NES systems? Ya know, the big gray and black boxes from the 80s, with games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Marble Madness, the first few Ninja Turtles games that were actually good? Remember how everything was square? The games, the system, the controllers, etc… Come on now, I’m asking you to focus into your prehistoric age, but move your mind’s eye to the system, where the two little square buttons were arranged next to the red power light. Remember those tiny bastards, with the cheap springs, and the clicky thing on the left one (the power button)? Well right now, I’m about to press the right one, I am pressing the reset button on my life.

How nice would it be? To get away from all the stresses that have somehow built into towering spires above our lives, all the politics that govern the needless rules on how to tell the truth, the missed classes, the wasted days, and spent years… to start from the beginning once again with every opportunity back on the path ahead?

Of course in our linear reality, those days are gone, those opportunities lost, and we still march forever forward, whether we’re with the front lines, or caught behind the relentless rigors of what always lies ahead. We have with us the framework of our lives: our history, our physical selves, and our experiences. The software though, our attitude and outlook, and everything still variable about how we go from here remains mutable. And you know… it’s very true, the reset button never messed with the underlying ROM of the game cartridges, nor did it ever touch the simple but rugged 8-bit Motorola 6502 CPU.

I think I’ve taken the NES analogy a bit to the extreme, but its so much easier to visualize than a PC system where we have to worry about possible HDD spin-down damage or the forever lost incoming data packets (let alone variable encryption, or file-component disassociation—stupid NTFS…) from an incomplete shutdown. Too bad our lives can’t run like redundant servers (but that would be redundant )… Where was I? Oh yeah…

I’m ready for a fresh start. On everything that’s left to experience, or re-experience. I don’t expect any of my hardware to change, that would be expecting the impossible, but my attitude on things, people, judgments, and life itself is up for a renewal. Whatever that means… I don’t quite know. It is quite very possible that everything I said thus far has been meaningless babble like that accepted BS WMSCI paper . But I have faith in the worth of all things… and I think… that it may be… time for… me to… sleep…


  • A hard reset is good sometimes. But it is hard. Remember the choices you have made and the things you’ve done which make you want to reset. You will still have the same character, which will guide you to take the same paths and make the same mistakes this time around. If, upon reflection, you realize your decisions were in line with your true character, which is formed from your core beliefs, it is time to ask if the decisions were really mistakes. Well, I’m probably just ranting cause its 4am, cya around.
  • your optimism disgusts me…
  • i.don’t know what to say..glory be to the one who controls  your thoughts/actions..
    sniff…this..truly is a monumental occasion i will pop out the imaginary congnac and drink away blithely into the night in this
    sniff..sniff… *)….those are tears of joy mind you..

    it had to be your usual negative self even though it was the first time but i suppose i am but an insiginificant speck and clearly have no place to complain since you have graced my xanga w/ your prescence and i’ll take what i can get..

    about her tho..u AAAREE Joking right? …i mean you AAAREE joking…that’s just another bathc of your smart-ass, better-than-thou sarcasm/condescendalism* (if ever there was a word..your pict. would be by it!!hahah!)  no? plese tell me that.

  • Hey this is inha’s friend, hans. Man u do rite a lot. But, I CANT READ THE LETTERS CUZ THERE BLURRED CUZ THERE TOO SMALL!!!