Valentines Day comes with a treat!

Ahh!!! I can’t wait till valentine’s day!! Why you ask? Hehe–while some ppl can’t wait for the sappy themes of V-Day, I have only ONE thing on my mind…

Last year, for Lent, I gave up one of the cloest loves of my life… no it wasn’t my love and companion (Tauri ), nor was it anything typical… it was… CHERRY COKE! For those that don’t know me from last year, I suffered from an acute addiction to Coke Cola (pepsi sucks!)…

I had so much coke (upwards fo 6 cans a day) that I built a spiring tower on my desk:

Beautiful no?

But… I did what everyone thought was the impossible, and on Valentine’s day (partially inspired by Beverly’s one soda a year plan– that’s just crazy )… at Noodles in Bolingbrook with Kalishma~Cherry Coke became a part of my past.

Granted, i did switch over to Mountain Dew… Easter came and went, and i thought… eh… why not keep it up? I decided a YEAR could be a bold goal… and up until this day, I have not touched a DROP of coke, pepsi, or any other caramel colored carbonated beverage.

About 10 months through, on New Years Eve when Felix brought a SPECIAL EDITION of SPICED Coke to James’ house (i dont even know what that is), I had a HUGE craving… the flavor began to fill my mind and my mouth began to water. I almost gave in…

Yet I stood strong, in face of the greatest internal pressure… I said no! and walked to the other corner of the house while others enjoyed the fascinating beverage. I left saddened, as the opportunity was lost. The cravings went away that night, perhaps forever. I dont even remember what coke tastes like now…

But Valentine’s day now approaches once again… my committment nears its natural end. What now?

Help!!! What to do??

  • no coke.  remember saloni and the lately departed laptop keys…
  • ew, man…drink water.

  • lol…. drink up on vday and have a coke contest w/saloni
  • i say drink it.  It shows determination that you were able to not drink it for a year, but hey, you can still enjoy it whenever you want now! Besides, COKE IS THE BEST!
  • boo. coke is evil.

    instead of starting to drink coke again, why not give up moutain dew instead? or better yet, give up all cafinated drinks, its not too hard; unless you’re addicted, that is. in which case, all the more reason to give it up!


    drink fanta! It is pretty, it is bubbly, and it has grape flavor!!! or like those green tea that’s like in juice carton thinyg!! they are good!!!

  • you’re a joke
    if you take coke
  • I wouldn’t have to even try to not drink coke… I don’t drink most carbonated/caffienated beverages. Exceptions include… Fanta, root beer, ginger ale, and occasionally coffee (but nowhere near the amount you drink!). Water’s fine most of the time.

  • What up JOO!?
  • “partially inspired by Beverly’s one soda a year plan– that’s just crazy ” is that meeee?!

    i missed my chance to have a soda this year 🙁

  • omg, i LOVE cherry coke! haha
  • lol that’s so cool!!!! i’m so proud of you! heheheh
  • I’m in love with Cherry Coke.

    How could you ever have given it up?! For God, cool…but just on free will?! *sigh*

  • cherry coke….

    pretty good stuff
    but I’m addicted to snapple 🙂

  • yea nice seeing u again =)
    it was fun!
    maybe ill see you at uiuc next year, later
  • hahah dude.. i remember on sweetest day, you gave me one^^ it was SOOO good^^ hahahah good times neh?! it was fun seeing ya!!