Regressing to awesome?

Things have been quite odd lately… like… lately I’ve been wanting to raise the barreier between my sub-lives… business (AIESEC), personal, family… could this be the effect of college and maturing?

Maybe. But oddly, it feels like regression.

MUNUC XVII was awesome–made me realize…

how small high school kids are… not that I’ve grown too much since then…

how quickly the last year passed, it’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since I last sat there as a delegate… and hiding in peoples’ rooms, near curfew (fun fun!) debating how to fight Colombian drug lords which are sadly so integral in maintaining livable conditions in South America. There’s something about MUN which makes getting to know people very quickly very easy–

But this time I realized how easily it is to lose touch with friends, both new and old. At the end of our four days of committeee last year, our entire committee (of 30-some ppl) exchanged screennames and emails… yet I didn’t even remember a single name this year. sad…

Ah… what am I doing? I should be doing math homework now… mleh, je le deteste!

  • here’s a good way to remember ur new friends’ names, STAY AT UIUC!!

  • GASP! ur maturing?! wow…wutta concept.

  • Math homework…ugh.
  • est-ce que t’etudies l’francais?
  • small? psh. I could still throw you across half the cafeteria 😛
  • Nice background… Frozen Throne, whee!

    Who’s the small one? I’m definitely a couple inches taller and more than a couple pounds heavier than you.

    And yes, it is scary how fast people forget… :-/

  • sumthing about munuc…the world stands still so we can run around palmer house like total idiots…
  • yeah life is odd.

    and math homework sucks