I haven’t spent a weekend at school since the beginning of the year. It would almost be sad, but every time, the trips have so amazingly been worth it!

Most of which was the latest! NCHS Winter was an AWESOME dance~! NG has random photos including a few defiling ones on her xanga—me being too lazy to put up my own. I wonder how long I can keep going to high school dances—there’s something about ‘em though that college dances lack. Maybe it’s all the preparation, the ritual trading of flowers, passing of decorated hallways, waiting lines for photos, and of course the sheer innocuous dancing (lol—not for everyone though), and then the supervising adults, keeping an eye out for over-zealous couples… the fantasy themes, and everything else. It’s like being in a story… not entirely real. Still, it’s a feeling that I miss from the pre-college life. Fun times~

Haha, or maybe its just me~

I’d like to write a LONG entry about the U of I, and all it’s glory–because my respect for the school has gone up the whole time I was here. But… I’ll sve that for another day. College is FUNKY!

And I thought ditching class HS-senior year was easy… this semester alone, I’ve missed almost 20 classes… and it’s only been 4 weeks! I pledged no more than 40 classes ditched this semester, better step up with that.

But today is a special day! I got mail for the first time in weeks!!!!!! (OOH, except on Valentine’s day, I got a big box in the mail from my church, filled with the most random goodies: chips, crackers, gum, toothbrush, pencils, pens, tissues, microwavable popcorn, chapstick, ramen… etc… it was very nice to know that mommies back home care )

Email may be of convenience, but there’s nothing like a bonafide from USPS envelope, with a handwritten name and address on it. Nope. Nothing. Look at the paper, feel it! and you know that the sender touched it too… some metaphysical connection i suppose.

Look! It’s REAL! *Thanks 婷婷!! smiles for the rest of the day*

And the card from this crazy girl made my day :

mMm… there is another thing too, that I am infinitely thankful for–

I was casually studying econ last night… thinking… yay… no homework, no tests to study for… even thinking of sleeping early for once… and then, the Mike, whos in my math class randomly comes by to ask… “hey do you know if the midterm is in class tomorrow or after?”

…and THEN I ended up sleeping at 4 AM looking over my math homework, and reviewing. It scares me to imagine what might have happened if he didn’t come by that night. Not only was not I not prepared, but MVC is a class i ditch on a regular basis (im sorry, lecture just doesn’t help at all)… being worth 20% of our grade… I would have been screwed beyond belief. Thank GOD for mike… I owe him bigtime…

Uh… I suppose that’s a general update on Xanga…
(I’m getting waaaaaaaay to public~)