String theThingy

I spent the past two weeks trying to come up with a reason to be happy worth topping the old one (from the last entry), but… I think the fact that I’m still alive is good enough to celebrate. I don’t think I ever had so much stuff coming at once: exams, papers, research projets, finals… blah–things are getting insane.

And once again Procrastination has returned! For example, I had an English paper due today, we were given two weeks… planned to start at 7 PM the night before, but every time I sat down to do work, something came along to distract me. Ended up starting at 2 A.M.–the day it was due!! And somehow, with only 90 minutes of sleep, I actually feel fine right now. Sleep is weird like that.

And why is it that in these times of critical concentration that distractions are most…er… enslaving? While sleepyshih has fell victim to his own enslavement, I have fallen back to mine… none other than my baby~

<b>Hyundai Tiburon 2004</b>

Need for Speed Underground 2 — seriously, it is an evil game, more addicting than Coca Cola, more useless than… eh, its pretty useless
as it is. But fun nonetheless… and terrible for those needing to do work.

public String objectOfWonder(String theThingy)
String theThingy = new String(“Why is it that I always sound so happy online/on Xanga?”);
return theThingy;