Almost there

Going through what was and still is one of the most stressful weeks of my educational life. I’m amazed that the spacing of the work I have is so that nothing can kill me outright; paper after exam after project after other paper after exam everything is perfectly spaced to push me to the

absolute limits of stress and yet survive this crucible. I brought this all onto myself yes, by not starting week/monthlong projects until the two nights before they’re due. You pay for your procrastination big time in college. But now it’s almost over~!

I don’t even want to think about how amazing break is gonna be the last thing I want is to let my mind wander to a reward I don’t deserve quite yet; not till everything here is done. Let’s see what I’ve been doing:

12/07 – Psych 211 Final Exam

12/09 – CS final project due

12/10 – English paper due

12/13 – Psych 210 Final exam
CS 125 Final exam

12/14 – Psych 211 Research lab due (10-15 pages! Started at 10PM Monday night!)

12/15 – CS 196 honors project finished!

12/16 – Psych 210 honors project finished!

12/17 – Asian American Literature due (6-10 pages… haven’t started yet)

12/18 – English final…(not studied at all yet…)

 It’s a mind numbing process; I can barely think with everything floating through my head. I think I’m losing weight too… and any physical ability i have have gained since coming here. How sad… the things I need to do to survive.

Xander’s College… blah. Chapter 9.

Momentous nothing?

And so it begins, the first day of finals in college. It’s like the beginning of the end in way, even though it’s only half way though the year…

What am I saying?! We’re already half-way through the first year of college?! That’s crazy… but I guess time really has passed while here. I guess it’s kind of harder to gauge the passing of time when so far away from home. At least at home there’re more people, back in high school I could almost see the freshmen growing a little as the year passed. Seniors in high school had so many… milestones. That amazing year passed like a breeze too, but at least there was scenery as we moved through. In high school, there was (visible) progress. Dances, classes, Science Bowl practices, lol — Science Olympiad building (even though 90% of it occurred the last night before), let’s see what else? Debate team, Scholastic Bowl, dreaded college apps, various high school drama, facing evil teachers day after day, lunch (where do you wanna go out today?!), sooo much stuff.

Here… well, there’s a lot of stuff to, but I’ve been a lot more mellow, I guess. Last year, I think I went through some of the most exciting, most depressing, and most rewarding, times of my life. Things happened, and things changed. There were holes here and there, but it all felt like a journey. Haha or an adventure. Senior year was an adventure, a journey with purpose at the right places. So far, college has been a downhill slide pulled by gravity, and now I’m at some big boring bland basin… going… …into finals week.

And like I said, so it begins, day 1, waking up in 5:30 hours to face my first final of college. I suppose it is a momentous occasion. Mleh. Feels just like yesterday.


 P.S. Hopefully this is just SAD or some other stupid thing. Sometimes we don’t know the adventure we’re on. On a more entertaining note, just installed Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, and look what it comes with!

Dancers! That dance to the music!

Well, sort of. They sorta appear and disappear if music turns on. Funky stuff!

I like this dude with the glow sticks

Even though the Asian girl’s hot too…

okay nitenite–waking up in 5.25 hours! Hopefully~