Xander’s College Life Chapter 8

Returning from Break—Re-inspired as usual!

AH hah! Just got back from the most amazing break ever! So much fun being home, seeing friends, and sooo many close friends. Newell’s organized party was awesome (except I got gypped of my $10). It was a long time since I’ve been in a room with so many people that all knew each other. After college, high school seems like family, more hugs and cheers than ever since graduation!

With regards to the various parties afterwards—from nostalgic, to hilarious, to relaxing, to thanksgiving and worship—each fulfilled some need, and everywhere, I felt reconnected with those I’d been away from for so long. All my thanks to everyone at school, Fellowship, Capt. Kirk’s place, CCMC bros and sisses, and of course all other people that I’d call family.

And yeah… I didn’t get to see, engage in conversation with, share a reflecting moment with all the people I wanted to, but… I suppose that’s just life. Everyone seemed to be doing well, those depressed were happier, and those stressed with college apps—lol—my experience says it all turns out okay in the end, reject or acceptance—still… I wish I could somehow keep all those relationships strong, and alive, and moving…

I went through some of my hardest times in high school, yet the entire experience is one that I am always going to be thankful for. And I’m thankful that I was never alone through it all…

Speaking of high school, I managed to get a picture of Jeremy Lee OFF GUARD!!! Where he’s actually showing his gut wrenching face… yet, when I copied the defiling picture to my brother’s computer, its hard drive promptly crashed, and proceeded to decay further and further. By the end of the day, the entire computer was down, and a clean install of Windows XP needed… and YET—it STILL was unstable as I left, and the HDD and 40 GB mysteriously vanished from virtual existence. Moral: Don’t take a picture of evilness and expect it to be tame. I lost all the party
photos too!! !

As amazing as the week was, I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to be back at college (that is… until I found by homework and remembered the midterm tomorrow)—it truly feels like home now, and I don’t think I’ve been as energized or excited for school since the first week! Time to finish strong!

P.S. Can someone explain this to me?

I’ve been seeing it in some girls’ rooms, and t-shirts, and I’ve been scared to visit them since…

Ok, that’s it! out to dominate! Watching “Better Luck Tomorrow” in Asian American Literature!


Thank you sooooooo much cat!!! You saved my day which i nearly fasted entirely! The ricecooker smiles to you.

  • I’m first again!! yay!  Yeah, I was in California over break and I got home 2 hours ago to find out I didn’t even have all my homework at home.. and when I wake up in five hours it will feel like 3 in the morning… so not looking forward to it.

    It was great seeing you again alex, even if it was for such short a time 🙂

  • better luck tomorrow is… an interesting movie. don’t watch it in a morbid mindset.
  • wow, thats exactly what happened to my comp, except instead of a picture, i had just finished like 3/4 of my college essays + neglected to make backups… but all is better now. food cure all
  • And I have to live with Jerm! (you know, being his brother and all)

  • haha… glad ur having fun in college.  wanna teach me how to???? i NEED to or i’d go insane.
  • haha, nice seeing u again alex, even tho it was only for a couple mins haha. aight have fun in college man

  • lol!!!! yay! it was so good seeing you. ^.^ i wish we had more time to talk.. but… meh.. life goes on. heheh the rice cooker! hahah i’m glad it can make ramen too… how tho? i’m confused.. do you just.. heat up the water in there then drop in some ramen??? teach me!! i must learn the art!

    hahah jeremy is an interesting person… i have decided to call him Reemi just to annoy him. tehehehe…

    take care of yourself!

    love, Cat

  • home was great. Better Luck Tommorow reminds me of highschool, lol
  • Rice cookers are awesome! Hmm…as for the Boys Are Stupid things…I admit to liking them. Haha…it’s so…sexist, but funny. It’s more playful, and humorous than anything else. I don’t think I’ll be throwing rocks at boys anytime soon…
  • mwahahaha… i mean . . . hehehe . . i mean.. lalalaa — what is it with repetition, so soothing – is this some weird titanic remix playing?? bring back the old song! ::picks up a rock:: JT — life and all that is so ..la.. i need a better word, but ’til then – ciao skyrien (btw did you know catherine only knows you as Xander? yep)
  • I SAW YOU!
  • well..boys are dumb. so..you throw stuff at them. like rocks.

    *applause for the rice cooker.

  • uh…boys are stupid. end of story! duh, silly!

    haha, just kidding. well, about the rocks part. ur watching BETTER LUCK TOMORROW?! omg! i totally wanna watch that movie! but hm, can’t seem to get it from any1..


  • boys lack intelligence.

    that’s just the way it is.

  • bitches please, we own this world

    good to see u again bro

  • hey alex!! whoaa i didnt kno u were old…

    lol have u seen this one? http://www.allposters.com/IMAGES/153/419745.jpg

  • haha–im not THAT old am i???
  • yeah..ive been seeing that also..its originally a game