The Wheaton Complex

Stupid overprotective paranoid Asian parents and their stupid lying American children… what now for innocuous, well-intended people like me…?

Yes I’m so pissed that I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 2 minutes… and YES, the urge to recite names very tempting… but in the interests of privacy, I shall keep this as ambiguous as I can (*altho that has been known to cause troubles..)

To you parents–I wish I could just sit down and chat with you, so that I can blow away your stupid contentions for this pathetic version of blind conservatism. This issue goes beyond race/gender–it’s all you… WHEATON-type people: conservative, overprotective, fearful, freaky, blind, fools. Yet… I still can’t blame you for caring too much the wrong way. Of course there are always dangerous people out there, but you don’t give kids the credit they deserve. They’re more aware than you think they are. I’m sure it’s mostly upbringing–a grown-into cycle of conservatism/ignorance, leading your generalizing self to be quick to anger and slow to understanding–a bad combination.

What are you trying to accomplish? You overestimate the influence of the outside world and underestimate what your kids already know. The ironic thing is, even though you’ve tried so hard to keep your kids pure and ignorant, they’ve likely already grown the defenses they need on their own. Of course if you knew this, your reaction would be to raise the knowledge/protection wall a little higher–which will do no good whatsoever, but still–that’s your natural reaction right?

I’m not directing this message at anyone in particular (though a couple seperate incidents come to mind…), just to everyone inflicted with the Wheaton Complex –the mindset where you believe that change is bad, ignornace is good, and hypocracy is the hidden agenda behind everything. Funny how your own ignorance backfires–expect a new generation of baby-boomer anti-archetypes.

Perhaps I am wrong though… I don’t think so, but at least I leave open that possibility.