Wallet Butt?

Butt Experiment

Hey there! Here’s an interesting experiment–get this: Anubhav claims to have found incontrovertible evidence that wearing your wallet on only one of your back pockets will skew your butt and make that one buttock smaller than the other… I think it’s time we tested this hypothesis…

Any volunteers? (no anubhav not you!)

  • omg arrghhh! its proven…do i have to give you proof again? yes AGAIN. here lemme give you some research…it doesnt skew your ass. it just causes spinal cord and hip problems.
  • really? fuck…my wallet is literally sometimes an inch and half thick…
  • altho i wear my wallet so far down my ass i’m not really sitting on it
  • it causes spinal cord and hip problems? why the hell do i have it on my left butt cheek then?
  • This creates a problem in the lower back for many persons. A wallet, whether in the front or back pockets, will put pressure on the pelvic bone where it presses against it. The associated lower back can then have problems. There are many documented instances of patients who habitially carried wallets an inch and half thick- usually filled out with credit cards- who suffered back and related pains over a period of many months, or even years. When a knowledgeable doctor performed a “walletectomy” on them – in other words, told them to remove the wallet- these people found fairly immediate relief.

    The solution to some types of back pain can be as simple as to remove a wallet from the pocket, front or back, and carry it instead in a jacket pocket, if you have one. If you need to, you can carry in your pocket, though not in a wallet, a very few of the contents of the wallet, like a drivers license and money. Remember, even when you are standing with your wallet in your pants pocket, you are also putting pressure on your pelvic bone, thus putting it out of position.


    and theres tons more? would u like to see?