Christmas Day 2003

Ayayy.. it’s Christmas day already. I can’t believe it. Christmas 2003 is already here, and I’m JUST NOW getting started on the hardest of essays. Feels good to know that there are a few people (even some incredibly smart, highly respected people) in the same boat as I, but unlike before, I shan’t take comfort and lay back. This is the endgame, either I finish or I don’t, there is no, “we’ll A is still at this point, so I only need to be a step ahead of A.” Competition is all internal…

Heh… it’s been a while since cross country, I almost forgot what it’s like to be fighting against my own selfish desires.┬áIt’s just another race… another opportunity for glory, for recognition, for fair… ugh… right now, I desire sleep more than anything else (except maybe for the pain in my throat to go away…). Okay, shall continue this later today… Merry Christmas y’all… may this day be infinitely greater than mine…

If this isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is:

tainanhottie: and i’m gonna smack u silly if u dont get int either
tainanhottie: i’m gonna dish out my kung fu fighting skills on u
tainanhottie: with the chopsticks and everything
tainanhottie: no no…or the bamboo stick
tainanhottie: my mother used to use that on me when i was little
tainanhottie: it hurt like a bitch
tainanhottie: which is WHY
tainanhottie: u have to get in
tainanhottie: or undergo my crazy taiwanese wrath
tainanhottie: i’m not kiddings bout it either!!!!