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2019 Kickoff

It seems every so often, I inadvertently end up doing an extended blog hiatus that I never intend to get this long…

Interestingly, it seems the longer the hiatus, the increased motivation needed to overcome said hiatus.

So, here we go, 2019. A lot to talk about, but where to start?

  • Constructive consumption: Directed growth via mindful consumption
  • Reflection space science: Entry points for key interests, key pivots
  • Ongoing projects: Personal, experimental, etc..
  • Ideas?
  • Korea issues?

I’ll have to start somewhere.

Day 10,396

Every day on Facebook comes with a smattering of birthdays posts flying left and right, and the occasional revelation from one of my friends that they’re  “getting old”. Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to have become more frequent over the years. For most, it seems that every year feels old when it starts, only to seem young when it’s past. Given this, years ago, I found it silly to be on the “feeling old” side of that equation (especially in your 20s!) and decided take a lifelong outlook to age, and have frequently wrote in terms of “Day or Year X of my life” as a subtle reminder that it’s a unique moment in time, with unique opportunities. Weird? Maybe, but to me, calling today Day 10,396 helps me treat it more significantly, than if it were just another Thursday.

Checking in today, as of November 8th, 2013, I’ve lived a good 28.46 years upon this great Earth. A simple life expectancy calculator estimates a reasonably long 92 years of life, telling me that as of today, I’ve lived 31% of my life in raw time.

For me, the time ahead seems simultaneously long and short. It’s nearly a century of time, long enough for you to speak of the currents events of today as history. Still, rather than being an abstract big number, a century almost seems managable. Looking at that, I can say that I feel about right for my age, and am excited for the years to come. The median age of the world population is 29.4 years old, and the median age in the US is 37.2 years old, so I can’t really complain there either.

As a whole, I’d say it’s been good so far, and that the remaining 63.54 years may just be enough to do everything that I need to do. If not, I may just need to buy myself some more time… 😉

Week 4 Starting

Le sigh. So here were are then. It’s a Tuesday, I believe, so we’re at the beginning half of Week 4 of my Productive sabbatical. Let’s reflect–what has the time thus far taught me?

Finances — Without substantial changes to lifestyle, I’ve managed to reduce in last month’s spending by about $1,000, a 25% reduction. All the while, eating more healthily, and enjoying freedom to exercise as needed. That said, H was correct, in that there would be changes in my perception of modest spending habits. All this said, I think I’m doing fairly well at this point.

Of course, there was also the self-declared secondary goal of developing a side-stream of income that was self-managing. One project has the potential to be net positive, and I’ve just thought of a potential switch to the second project. Since Kitchenaid mixers seem to be so adaptable to this purpose…