Week 4 Starting

Le sigh. So here were are then. It’s a Tuesday, I believe, so we’re at the beginning half of Week 4 of my Productive sabbatical. Let’s reflect–what has the time thus far taught me?

Finances — Without substantial changes to lifestyle, I’ve managed to reduce in last month’s spending by about $1,000, a 25% reduction. All the while, eating more healthily, and enjoying freedom to exercise as needed. That said, H was correct, in that there would be changes in my perception of modest spending habits. All this said, I think I’m doing fairly well at this point.

Of course, there was also the self-declared secondary goal of developing a side-stream of income that was self-managing. One project has the potential to be net positive, and I’ve just thought of a potential switch to the second project. Since Kitchenaid mixers seem to be so adaptable to this purpose…