Blogs everywhere, and nowhere

I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out which blog of mine to continue writing in, and couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to pick and stick with one. I’ve got a whole gamut of sites, from Xanga, LJ, Vox,, Live Spaces, my own MSFT blog, Facebook notes… each with entirely different audiences. Sigh–what a ridiculous dilemma. You know what? I’m gonna post IN THEM ALL! And then see what happens. Take that indecision!

Not like I’d even know how to write even if I had picked one. I can’t seem to form coherent paragraphs anymore… or think past the first few words of a sentence… maybe it has to do with the constant high-on-caffeine feeling that I’ve been putting myself into these days.

Not like I’d know what to write about even if I could. Sure there’s been a lot going on, I’ve had crazy insights about life and all that over the past few years that I’ve been relatively absent from the bloggosphere… Of course, my thoughts still want to get out but, for some reason, the motivation to put thought to strings of words just isn’t there.

I think that’s why I’ve been so prolific on Facebook PSUs and Twitter these days–it’s ridiculously easy to just do a little mind dump; a fleeting thought–which basically used to be how most of my blog entries started out anyway. Like a recent Wired post suggested, maybe that’s exactly why Twitter is catching on–140 characters is just enough space to drop a well crafted thought. No filler, no literary sugar, just the raw thought that you’ve been meaning to share. Simple right?

Twitter definitely has a place in the realm of social communication, but the fact that it’s replacing more sophisticated methods of social discourse is disturbing. Whatever happened to those long sweeping ridiculously unnecessary blog post from our teenage angst days? Sure there were plenty of whiny, pseudo-artsy, pointlessly drivel-y, wordy, useless entries out there but even those were very satisfying to write and entertaining to read. I remember posting about five years back on Xanga (2004) that I hoped blogging wasn’t just a fad. Well, since then, it’s definitely caught on with the political pundits and social media producers of the world, but it seems to have vanished from our day-to-day social lives.

A damn shame. Anyway, I guess I do have plenty I want to write about–and can on occasion form thoughts that are longer than 140 characters. That’s good to know. 🙂