SNOW DAY #2!!!


Pictures soon!

SNOW DAY #2!!!

– 2/14/2007 –

All Wednesday Classes Cancelled

February 13, 2007

All Wednesday (Feb. 14) classes at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
have been cancelled. Continuing high winds and snow have made it impossible to
keep streets and sidewalks clear and safe.

Only personnel providing critical services should continue to report for each work
shift until further notice. Employees uncertain about their status should direct
any questions to their supervisors.

  • i cant believe college has snow days…bizaaaarre
  • We don’t really get snow days at ND. Consider yourself very lucky. =p
  • boooo… @ NU… ppl can walk… so u dont need buses… so we dont get snow days 🙁

    by the way i LOVE ur song! wht is this??

  • you’re fucking kidding me…2 days in a row?…are you still in high school or what? (tone of jealousy)