Dereferencing Life

So. I’ve decided that I need to regain my frame of reference on life. Probably the whole “sophomore-junior” year phase when you’re not entirely sure where you are in the bigger picture of school, but it’s annoying. It’s damn annoying that I feel like I’m just lost in a big shuffle here, and sure, things are different. And not just with “career” stuff. As Dave Barry said: “Never confuse your career with your life.”

So where is my life, really? Year 2005 was defined by conflicts and struggles. This year… seems like it’s the same thing! I think it becomes a problem when the current year seems just like the last; losing track of where I am… it’s as if I’m not moving forward, even if I really am. And there’s nothing to say that I am at all, except in less than a month it’ll be 2007. And THAT is freaky.

So anyway, I’ve been keeping track of the best and worst years of my life, so let’s see… I’ll try to rank them all:

Worst 5:

1. 1998
2. 2000
3. 1996
4. 2002
5. 2001

Best 5:

1. 2004
2. 1999
3. 1995
4. 2005
5. 2006

Hmm… what was the point of that… I don’t know. Just an arbitrary ranking of numbers, maybe. Well, I’ve decided to take up a project–creating a website. On top of that, I’m going to have a history of my life, year by year. More for myself than anyone else; I just feel that I need to get that… perspective back. And what better to do it on than how I’ve come so far?

Yeah, I thought so. I’m totally out of my mind. And procrastinating studying for finals. Yep.