Sad Sounding Happy

Oh well, for some reason, I can’t seem to sleep right now… even though I should, given that it’s 6:13 AM, and my first class starts in under 4 hours. It would appear that the world, in fact, did not freeze entirely when I stopped paying attention; I opened my Xanga subscriptions for the first time in nearly two months, and left a little bit more enlightened, reading the on-goings of friends far and near (more far than near–it would seem that most people with blogs that are updated often enough are all far away).

Sad, in a way; I feel so far behind, and yet, it’s refreshing. It’s inspiring! And ooh! What is this? LJ looks so different now… so many pleasant surprises…

…is it wrong for me to sound so giddy when I’m not?

I’m not, really. I just don’t remember how to be anything else online. And therein lies my greatest tragedy: the inability to let out the feelings trapped within. Grr… so frustrating…

…so terribly frustrating.

I started writing this entry with the intent of ending it with a goodbye–my last entry–a capstone to a flutter of a LJ career. But maybe I’ll give it another gasp of air–who knows… maybe it’ll be all it needs. I, on the other hand… need something else.

SONG! for I do not know how to embed it into an LJ. Sadly.