And time goes on…

The computer and laptop in the back is mine

Well, it’s 4:45 AM, and I’m sitting alone in the Everitt Systems Programming Lab (room 238 if anyone wants to visit), having just finished an insanely long CS MP. I’ve been up till 6-8 AM for the past few days, so I still have plenty of energy. A look into Xanga perhaps? Hmm…

Wow. August 2nd 2006. This is incredible… it’s been nearly two months since I made an update. What has become of me and my nearly daily updates? I don’t even know these days. Since the last big update… I’d left China, gone to Korea, came back to enjoy a month of summer, moved into the third year of college, came home once (got a new phone!) gone through another month (and a lot happens in these months, mind you)… and now here we are, reading my own writing and at a loss for substantive words. I blame it on classes and school work, which has become a mind-numbing onslaught of one assignments after another.

Part of me wonders what’s been going on in everyone else’s life… and another part of me doesn’t care. I feel like  I’ve lost touch with the world at large–and yet… I almost don’t mind. Except that I know that I should.

(mind wandering…)

i really like this song.

I loved you more
than you will ever know

Part of me died
when I let you go…

I think I might have passed the threshold of living, where I begin to lose the awareness of myself and become one of those… living machines…

Mleh. What a tragedy. Well. It’s about time to get back on track…

…in a bit.


  • how have you been kid?
  • joobs! you shoulda called me about the mp! i woulda helped! rawr!
  • i dont have any songs playing from ppl’s xangas. but i’m going to guess “blind” from lifehouse. i love how he delivers that line.
  • Oy! get yourself some healthy rest

  • I feel “up” if anything. why?

    i hav a theory – tell me if im wrong – ur priorities hav changed =)