Year 2 – Chapter 4 – A Break in the Cycle

Let me note, that there are only two things on my mind this week:
Sq! and ECE 210 Exam 3. Yep. So it’s like this and .

A Break in the Cycle
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Yeah, so instead of playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I’ve decided to write in my xanga. So addicted: I have three exams this coming week (ECE 210, ECE 290, and GE 101), and I’m not nearly ready for any of them. Man, but since getting this game Thursday, I’ve played about… 10 hours. Not much by gamer standards, but WAY too much for these times. It’s not even that *great* of a game; it’s like reading a book bout characters you don’t really care about. Ah, but my brother would be jealous–so as long as he doesn’t know, it’s coo~

But Oblivion, it has the most amazing visuals that I’ve EVER seen in a game:

A knight of some sort.

So things are kinda funky these days. Plans for the summer are near finalized: we get out of school sometime between 5/9-5/13 (I’ll find out soon); Study abroad in Beijing from 5/27 – 7/9, and a new addition, my first visit to Korea in 5 years from 7/9-7/21. So that’s pretty much half my summer decided already.



It’s kind of scary, thinking that half of college is over already… don’t you think? Things are different from freshman year, when everything was new, and anything was worth trying. This is year two, and college is as much home as anywhere else; I’ve actually stopped trying to avoid calling this pad my “home”, and I suppose, when you spend 9 out of 12 months here, it IS home.

I hate having regrets. As high school neared its end, a very rare once in a while, I’d look back at those four years and wish that I could do it over again. With senior year began a sharp upturn, and in the end, it proved to be amazing enough to salvage and take make the entire experience one of the best times of my life… and so quickly, it was over. I vowed to make every year thereafter better than the last. I think we all did.

And now we’re here. Livin’ it up, University style, year two. And how is it? I’m sure everyone’s experience is vastly different. For some, they dove deep into what they’ve been doing, and found out that they actually like it (Mr. Godbole for one); others have begun to reach beyond what they thought they were (Jon somehow thinks he’s a doctor now– ), I for one finally stopped changing majors every semester…

Haha, wow, what an unorganized stream of thoughts. To me, it feels as if the year is just beginning–at an upturn, once again, things hopeful.

21 Quad Leaving Allen Hall

More on that later…

Time to eat my ramen!

KsQ Unity!

  • get off xanga and study 210!!!
  • Ramen is not good for you =P. I got tired of those ever since freshman year, haha. I can’t believe we’ve been through half of our college years either! Time is really flying, eh? So what’s your major now? I think it was English before and then you got into Engineering at some point? And I’ve lost track, haha. Welps, whatever you do, I hope you finish stoutly, Alex. Take care!
  • if i remember correctly, the third exam wasn’t too bad.

    and congrats

  • tsk tsk and u were reproving ur brothers for playing games too
  • silly love sick boy…you didn’t request for a meme earlier!

  • im glad things are you working out for you. =) 

    it’s crazy that college is already half over! craziness…

  • oohh wht fun… >.<

    yuck. good luck wid those xams…

  • With AP tests in less than two weeks.. I’ve been spending my time playing sims 2.. :/
  • ur a homo
  • Wow…my favorite college student actually plays video games?  (Joking!–but only about the video-game-comment, of course!– Oblivion looks like a biggish deal with gamer people at North–Now that you play it, it obviously must be worthwhile in some way.) 

    And now on something completely unrelated:  Having read your reflection on the highschool-college transition, I feel very lucky to have witnessed the “sharp upturn” in your senior year, and sincerely hope it continues for you into whatever happens in your second half of college life.

  • such round graphics! mmmm
  • they have muni now. but it’s not as big as munuc.
  • Have you seen previews of the game Spore? It looks pretty crazy in terms of scope…
  • do you know where I can get armor like that for Sammy? (horns and all?)
  • i’m studying abroad in beijing too!!! june 20something – early august… Bei Da! where are you gonna be?!

    and ya… i can’t believe we’re already halfway thru the our college career… and i’m not even sure what i’m gonna do anymore… gah! yes… let’s drown our stresses away with our addictions… NARUTO!!!! heehee… well, goodluck with the rest of the semester
    ps… NCHS>>>>>>>>>>>>NNHS
    pps… stop playing ur vid games… go study!