April 11th, 2006

Okay, I really ought to be sleeping now, as I have to wake up in a few hours anyway. BUT, I have progress to report! I have just finished my P.O.S. story that was due two weeks ago (albiet with extension) that comes out to 14 single spaced pages. I have spent the past TWO weeks agonizing every day, as the prospect of writing this hung over my head, and now, FINALLY, it is finished!

I have thus resorted to celebrating, alone in my room, as certain Sq’s do not understand that Kqs tend to fluxuate between the rational and the spontaneous. Tis like the contrasts between Virgo and Gemini, which apparently rank as one of the most incompatible, due to their celestial “angles” being off by 90 degrees (four months out of 12 = 90/360, the angle for total destructive interference–though I always thought it was 180 degrees).

Alas, I have become more volitile, and whilst stability is what I long for, to combat this wacked up state of my life, I have resorted to the soothing bubbles for tonight. The bubbles are nice…


It’s time to change, throw out the books and start again
Break all the rules, fall on your face, don’t be ashamed
You can’t waste more time, ’cause you’ve been gone for far too long

What people “envy”

I’m beginning to think that I’m doing a lotta womany things; like filling out random quizzes below. But I’ve been procrastinating so muc that I’ve been running out of ways to be unproductive.


People Envy Your Ingenuity