Year 2 – Chapter 5 Blind Revelations

Okay, so it would seem that I haven’t been writing, or thinking as much as I used to. Yeah, if there’s any place that’s noticing it in particular, its my poor Xanga; after nearly two years of consistent upkeep, it has fallen victim to some neglect. Actually a lot of things have for me these days. Academically, last semester, and now, finally… well… everything else. So it’s 3:18 AM right now, and even though I think sleep is probably a good idea, like life, sometimes we just need to keep fighting, no matter how much we want to lie down and take a break. SO. I’m just saying, this entry is being written.

[17 hours later]

Uh… well about that entry. Hmm… trust me, I have my reasons. It’s spring break guys. SPRING BREAK 2006! Haha…and I was foolish enough to think that I was having my last spring break my senior year. Ya know, you kids out there (TOPHER specifically), current seniors who think that with the end of high school ends *everything* that you’ve known so far? Ha. You’ve got it wrong–the best things live on.

I wanna go to Stanford!

And THIS is something *everyone* should watch!

Ah, and here’re some more memes–final meme requests!

1. Karen (St. Louis)
2. Pepinot (from Les Choirists)
3. Fuzzy black… and orange
4. You’ve got Sunshine!
5. TC ’03–you were in my b.s.!–and you stole my nametag
6. Bengal Tiger
7. Ever wonder about alternate history? Or alternate present?

1. kd
2. To Zanarkand
3. ivory white
4. Haha–you’re soooo sappy! Sap sap sap!!!
5. Huangs house; you came dressed in a short skirt bringing a big FAT book.
6. a blowfish
7. Where the good times gone? –great song…

1. wheres mine!? (no name specified!)
2. Suga Suga
3. A chocolatey brown; like 7335 W. 103rd.
4. *poof*
5. July 2003, after working at the Intl. Hardware Convention. We Subway’d.
6. Mouse
7. Where the good times gone? –great song…

1. Karrot!
2. Wunderkind — Alanis Morisette
3. Matte blue, dark violet, and hints of green. Like the blanket.
4. The swords under your bed…
5. Sometime during high school I’m sure… but in the summer of 2004, with the rest of our group, we wandered Millenium Park, and made a crazy run for the Shedd Aquarium.
6. Aww, a Panda. Quiet and serene at times… yet fiercely defensive when provoked. Pic.
7. Do you ever wonder what’s out there…? (In the deep space far away, or right around you…)


I held the pieces of my soul
I was shattered and I wanted you to come and make me whole
When I saw you yesterday
But you didn’t noticed
And you just walked away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive…

I’m still here
Remember how you use to say I’d be the one to run away
But I’m still here