Xander’s College Life – Year 2

Chapter 4 — Mleh!

Bah, so I’ve tried to write a few entries since the last one, and ended up never making them public. So deal, here I am with an update.

My ball and chain on life

Things are tough this semester; I think I’ve finally run into the physical limit of how much I can work in a given time. My 20 hours of classes, Killer 500  (ECE 210 + ECE 290) + CS 225 consume *so* much time, that I barely have enough for the rest of my classes. Exhausting, but I’m not complaining; I *did* choose this load. My productivity has skyrocketted, and there’s something nice about feeling that way. And with three exams next Monday and Tuesday… mleh. So much for the weekend! On  greater note, a Fellowship brotha flew in from NYU for the weekend.

On Valentine’s day, Rohit, Anubhav, and I got cute lookin’ hearts with our pictures and candy placed on our doors.

They were nice, but we had to wonder… “who did it?” The old ’24 Crew’ was determined to find out. We got right on with the investigation (while munching on the candies) and deftly solved this mystery, learning that it was a small troupe from FAR. So thanks Christine + Alice, and we’re gonna get you back soon enough .

In other news, IT is nearly finalized. Six weeks of my summer this year will be spent studying abroad! With three days left in the deadline, it was a debate between some school in Nancy, France and Tsinghua in Beijing, China. It wasn’t much of a debate; the France trip required a bunch of paperwork beyond the minimum, including a short essay in French on why I wanted to go. Plus they had a prerequisite of college French. So…

CHINA it is then! More on this later…

Okay! That’s it!

Oh yeah, and since you asked–(proper procedure is to include your name!). I will also produce more meme’s upon demand~

1. Victoria
2. song
3. Black and gold (like the t-shirt)
4. I have since reclaimed my ears.
5. North-Central badminton meet @ NCHS
6. a lioness

7. Where the good times gone? –great song…

Allrighty! Time to start studying.