One Week ago, this was written.

So there’s one week of break left… and in the oddest way, I feel almost like it’s just starting. Of course, I have the usual fear that the longer this break lasts, the more time I’ll waste, but I’ve dedicated myself to preventing that from happening, so maybe that won’t happen (again). But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to make my own hours for work (selling knives and otherwise).

Anyway, seeing as how it’s been what… nearly a month since I made a real entry, I think now’s the time to make a short recap on my life.

Vector Marketting
I started my FIRST “job” this winter break, working in sales (of all places). Honestly, I never thouht I’d be working in sales, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Work consisted of training, calling people up, presenting Cutco products to families, and writing up orders. At a base-pay rate of $17.25, it was decent work. And for those that doubted that I would sell anything, over the first 10 days (of working maybe 3-4 hours a day), I sold $2,350 worth of Cutco! So eat that! Earning money is nice, even if it’s barely any at all, and it does put the value of money into perspective.

Northwestern Visit!

My first visit in nearly 7 months, it was like… seeing an old home. Everything was familiar, the buildings, the people, the food, even the atmosphere. Last year, I spent so much time there, and now… it’s still the same, with an air of nostalgia instead of hope and excitement.

Finally, the memes! It would seem like no one wants to wrestle in any flavor of jello, which is perfectly fine by me. I can’t stand having being in contact with sticky foods anyway. In order of commenting:

1. Shaneal
2. Good Will Hunting – such genius, so underapplied!
3. [color] – Brown. Eh what can I say, you always talk about brown desi folks.
4. [meme 1] We ARE the true knights! (okay maybe a few ppl know of this)
At some italian place, Vicki introduced me to you and your brother. We
talked about the BPA (?), and I said something about Science Bowl
6. Wolf; bigger than a fox. loyal to fellow brethen, and true blood
7. If you could dye your hair any color…?

1. Jon!
2.  Kepano Green – Promise
3. The kind of blue that looks almost like a hazy midmorning gray in front of a magnificantly blue sky
4. Jon, online when you’re deep in thought, you know exactly how to word the most compelling ideas.
5. Wow… I actually don’t remember as *first* memory. Scholastic bowl maybe?
6. A raccoon!
7. i wonder what your heaven looks like…

2. The Coca Cola theme song – don’t ask why…
3. Amber. And white. And Harvard’s maroon of course.
4. a good lookin’ harvard boy? what’s not to like?

5. Prom 2005

6. turkey – a big one!

7. what are you like when in a bad mood?

1. nora!
2. Vanessa Carlton – Where the Streets have No Name (also a U2 song!)
3. Silver and black — something about your old xanga maybe…
4. you’re seem pretty confident and sure of yourself; without being cocky– that is an achievement
5. science olympiad related event, im sure. Or was it scholastic bowl???

6. you, nora, are an owl !

7. Nora, sometimes i wonder… why so bitter?

1. Diana
2. B*witched – blame it on the weatherman

3. Light Violet

4. Di, you’re easy to talk to, and always “chill” <–my new favorite attitude props to you!

5. hmm… some lunch table through our 4 years in high school.

6. Diana, you are a marshmellow, esp. with your pink jacket. not an animal? well… it is now
7. whats your favorite color? lol–i dunno… this question is hard!

1. chris
2. Chrono Cross – That one song which was on your xanga–it’s been associated with you
3. electronic green.

4. Chris… you are intriguing. And that is all.

5. i knew you from jon shih… and then met for the first time at scioly regionals 2004

6. hedgehog, a suit of unwelcoming armor; protecting tasty meat

7. so what do you do after the whole world and every soul minus one is
under (knowingly or not) your control? what are you looking for?

1. joyce!
2. goo goo dolls – better days;
3. white. also, slytherin-ish green and silver

4. “is your wallet made of leather?”

5. ng’s party over summer, where you looked nearly as bored as i was (j/k ng, if you’re reading!)

6. Peregrine falcon !
7. after understanding the past, accepting the present… then what?
also, how do you best let yourself be bored without going insane?

1. P-la!

2. Superman by Five for Fighting

3. yellow. like the smiley faces. like the USA shirt i got on my birthday. like old cheddar cheese

4. strawberries!

5. I was waiting for my parents to pick me up from school, and randomly: “Hey! You’re on my bus!”

6. hmm… a goldfish?
7. Pla, you are also chill, and win my “chill-ness” award. How do you be so chill?

1. Ashley 🙂

2. The Sesame Street intro
3. Tan. like the Pyramids of Egypt
4. Quite thoughtful ashley, quite.
5. Looking for your locker that day 2 years ago, and actually finding you there.
6. Panda–calm looking but kinda fierce when they need to be
7. How long is your hair now?

1. cathaka
2. “I try to be strong for her, I try not to be wrong for her…” Gifts and Curses — like all the greatest things in life
3. A deep iridescent red

4. “There IS a lovebug!”

5. The same day I met shaneal, i was introduced to this other captain of the NCHS debate team

6. you are an emperor penguin! a special emperor penguin
7. what if you were wrong?

1. Linda
2. The Husky Song (any and all marching band songs)…
3. Ivory
4. you’re not afraid to speak your mind, even though you always ask
5. Randomly, introduced to our table by sherry
6. Baby Beluga!
7. What’s your take on life?