Echoes from March 31st

He looked for any sight of her across the grass fields. Spirits of all orders walked to and fro: between buildings, on sidewalks, sitting on benches, to his left, or right, around…

Was she even there? The wind turned the grass into an ocean of green, waves breaking on the warm islands of people lying in their daytime slumbers. Something of the wind put his mind at ease, and despite of his growing desperation, a greater peace fell upon his spirit.

A black shimmer caught his eye nearby, and stemming from it, a familiar shape on the grass. He followed it, and taking a few more steps he brought himself closer, careful not to disturb the grass despite of the wind’s roaring around them both. A twig snapped silently, and a finger curled in response. Then a hand. Beyond his gaze, eyes awoke from reverie. She turned, and then her eyes finally meet his.

The wind around them filled the thundering silence, one lying in the grass, the other standing ever so close. With the breeze, sounds faded away into ambience as a flurry of ten thousand in orange and blue rippled across the quad like a daylight storm. Wind through her hair accented every black shine in the sun. A beautiful scene.

He wonders now if she realizes the significance of this moment. This first contact. But of course not. How could she? Then again… how does he?