Becoming normal

I have discovered, with aid of the internet that I…

*Am a realist
*Am a noncombatant in the game of love
*Have a healthy mix of trust and skepticism
*Am otherwise… becoming what I’d call normal…

So weird isn’t it? Two years ago, I’d have been raving in mock outrage at the idea of becoming normal, yet somehow it doesn’t seem so bad. All a part of growing up I tell ya.

Now question at hand: is this a good thing?

  • of COURSE it’s good

  • “noncombatant” haha…you got that right!…I guess the internet has a purpose after all
  • haha, u r soo far from normal… just kidding mr. joo.
  • I like the fact that somehow Da_Bride’s comment still seems like a compliment
  • Everyday u find a reason to grow up in life 😉 I like how u r so positive in many aspects… relationships, school and, etc. Hahahahhaha!