Idealist by choice

“The ironies of life. In four months, you’ve helped me realize something that I didn’t understand for twenty years.”
“I’m telling you, it’s the age. You always were the slower one, Kumquat.”
“Ah, maybe. I’d rather like to believe that I’m just learning faster than you ever can.”
“Humph. So what is this ‘slow’ realization of yours about?”
“It has to do with truth, absolute and relative, love, and
purpose. But most importantly, perspective.”
“I see… You must remember though, I don’t believe in love.”
“So you say, but you must remember, that I do, dear Cassandra.”
“As always, you’re being blind.”
“And you’re a fool.”
“We all have flaws, right?”
“Yep. It’s a part of being human. Life’s just a matter of choosing the right ones to keep.”
“And then?”
“And then? Then you can truly live. And do what we do best: shag the living hell out of life and be happy about it.”
“Haha… always the idealist.”
“Yes… but by choice.”

[KsQ micro-dialogue 1]