I need distractions.

I have a bet to win and a person to not think about.


Six Flags + Camping trip to plan (Indiana or Michigan?)! Chem 102/103 to study for in a week, and 2 classes to get ready for. Packing to do… and leaving… already~! Back to U of I for summer school… blah–after this summer, I’ll be a senior in 2 more hours! Had I not been a junior by the end of 1st semester, that would be scary!

  • senior? senior standing?


  • you’re a dork!! >:P (it’s nancy by the way)
  • I don’t get it.  6 Flags rocks, hope you have a blast.  No, wait, make that two blasts.
  • are you kidding me?!? so not fair… yes, i know, i could have had it too: instead i’ll be in school forever pursuing my two majors two minors and never knowing what i want to be


  • dude that’s fucking amazing. how many credits have you taken so far?  u know that’s going to be my goal. what r u tlking bout warnings? u r so fucking vague. mother fucker. U know what i’m going to stop coming here. asshole.

    p.s. i’m guessing yu never got it?

  • it is still scary
  • Oh hopeful, optimistic Kumquat…

    You might as well just give up now – there’s no way you’re winning that bet.  But if it makes you feel better to pretend that you will, so be it.