Random Chicago Outing 2005

I asked for a distraction, and I got one! An amazing one! Chicago is by FAR the most amazing place to go when there’s nothing you want to do at home. Our lil trip to chitown was amazing–but sadly there’re only two pictures. Started out by picking up an old friend… Angie property, F Lam. Here one of the pics:

Angie attacking Frank

Water is unbelievably fun when it’s 92 degrees outside!

Then Chinatown for some pho–which Anubhav enjoyed once upon a time. I beleive i got completely drenched on three seperate incidents. Once at the glass blocks with faces… whatever they’re called, second pictured below…

[pic to be added later]

Let’s just say I made the quickest 8 bucks ever. And YOU thought I wouldn’t do it!

…and the third time at the beach which we walked across the city to get to! Haha–the most random trip ever, and one of the most amazing
memorable moments of summer… next time, we shall take more people and enjoy the same awesome moments! Okay… off to a party! And yes, I know it’s 9:30


Oh yeah, and here’s a random picture from the weekend…

I think it was meant to be an ‘A’ in CPK sourdough bread, key words being “meant to”. You should have seen it before I added my
improvements to it.


What a bittersweet yet happy song!