Star Wars

I just got back from Star Wars. A well done movie, really—acting, as always, could have been better, but in this saga, the movies have always been about the bigger picture first. The things we do for “love”, in spite of the bad acting… and we think we’re a logical species. Or maybe it really is all for love; the unjustified, the inhumane, the evils, for such a greater good. Just a wandering thought that caught my storm.

I hate moods. Hate that it so clouds your mind, while keeping your vision clear. I hate how moods can change what you think/say/do to a point where you have no idea what’s real or not. I almost feel as if I’m in the opposite mood as I was when I wrote my last entry (non-Xanga). Maybe it’s the effect of the movie, makes me want to seek comfort, and be alone at the same time. Or maybe I just need something different. Yeah, times like now (that being, *right now*), I just want to live . Oh, but still, there’s always a lot to write about.

For one, summer is here! Yep! That same old summer that I missed during the school year, so many memories forged last summer…

Here’re a few memories (among many many more)…


Car TP’ed on Senior Night at CCMC…

Graduation parties…

Relay for Life—Hubble/NCHS

Visiting Chicago

The Dunes! And getting the ‘A’ burned into my back

Karishma before going off to India…

Chicago again! At night and at morning!

Hometown Evanston

Vicky proclaiming ‘We Are Family’ at Summer Camp!

This fool visiting, and getting my first ticket

The “Summer Bash” – Roomies!

HAhahaha–sooo many memories from last summer, from the times in Dev’s basement to the nights in Chi-town…

And then came the school year, and a new chapter in life. There’s no way to describe all that’s happened, but now it’s summer again, and I proclaim here and now, that this summer, shall top last summer in all way shapes and forms. This summer will rock, and I will actually get through my list of things to do!

Oh yes, I should write an entry proclaiming Prom 2005’s amazingness as well, and the end of an era–no more high school dances for moi! Till then, I shall sleep! ZZzzzzzzZzzzz……

  • aww no pics of me
  • ew im in one of those pics..
  • lol you know we only come for the pics
  • nice pics, come to our graduation!
  • woooo, nice pictures~!
  • i like the last picture the most..

    im gonna title it “a mouse and a cat!”

  • yo asshole..u gotta put up such a bad picture of me?!
    haha! lol luv you man..i feel ya on wat you were saying..
    someday i hope to come back up there and create some nice memories! that’s a promise joo in’ll see!
    oi..i’m still a fool huh? guess some things never change; but i understand your position haha..i share it too. I am a fool! (in more ways than one), maybe i can earn your respect someday thru something other than my friendship and devotion!  
    C u.
    keep in touch!