War on Stupidity

I’ve been surprised, several times lately at how evil people can be. History has shown a lot of evils done before, with lies, murders, avarice in general, to our society’s greatest horrors. And none of us can deny that we have done some “evil” deeds before. It doesn’t mean that *we* are evil, since actions alone don’t define individuals. Few people in this world probably have ever tried to do “the evil thing”, rather, it would seem that evil is most prevalent in deeds the doer considers good–when the culprit doesn’t see the evil in their actions. Sometimes this is sheer ignorance, others, the more deeper kind, it seems more of a selective blindness.

And that is what I’ve been surprised at lately. Like “change” it only seems certain that evil is everywhere, in everyone, and perpetuated by those who feel they’re doing the most good. People that care too much about the wrong things, and cause a desire for retaliation (as if this was war), misplaced values, and misdirected anger. And maybe I sound evil when I say this, but these people with such hidden agendas need to be checked by the right kind of ignorance. Maybe it is ignornance to believe that the *right decisions*, regardless of who gives a damn, will bring about the right results, and yes, it’s a harsher approach. But I think it’s time we’ve killed the stupidity that still exists here and there.

And yes, WE are declaring a War on Stupidity.

It’s so much easier to put this is such abstract terms… reality is a bit grayer. But be direct enough here to say that I won’t stand the perpetuation of stupidity. Truth, and the right, will be revealed in due time.