Believing destiny

I suppose I’m quite amused lately. It’s May, classes are over, the year is winding down, semi-watching Love Actually (amazing movie!), and I’m sitting around as doing nothing in particular. It’s a nice feeling :-), in spite of all there is to worry about, to not really worry, and be content with the way things are.

Don’t you love happy endings? I mean, there is the appeal of the truly satisfying bittersweet ending along the lines of Troy, or Gladiator, which is so much more like real life, but is there anything that can lift your spirits like the purely happy endings where everything works out in the end? Once in a while, that’s exactly what you need.


Okay, so maybe I’m not so content. I normally do love the bittersweet ever much more than just happy–maybe beacuse its the truth of our lives. Haha–lol, I love being vague way too damn much, but it’s okay; my mind is a storm on its own, ever chaotic, but with some mysterous order on a scale a bit larger than I can keep track of. It’s 3 in the morning, and chaos, feels, so, comfortable…

After all, satifaction from the meaningless can only bring so much “happiness”. I think I really am just lacking meaning in my life again. Heh… so we look towards these stories for meaning.

So what am I looking for?

“I should have told her every day, because she was perfect every day.”

Is love actually, everywhere? Heh… who knows? With so much hinging on time, moment, circumstance, chance… But destiny will bring together everything that needs to be. Right? 🙂 Of course

Hehe–another rambling entry in the books~