Anti-Stalking Javascript

Things have been rather complicated again. This happens on such a regular basis… I think it has something to do with the moon cycle.

Other than that… I’ve found a most useful tool, the Xanga anti-stalker module! For those who don’t know, it’s a small javascript based tool that tracks all the people that’ve been to my Xanga. I’ve been using it the past month, and it’s given me some rather interesting results. Here’s the top ten (known) list:

[ Skyrien’s Stalkers]

(Rank.) Name

  • yeah.. you WISH i stalk you like that…

    can you send me the javascript for the visitor list and tell me how to install it???

    I need to know who my stalkers are and if chris is my number 1! hehe, he better be!

  • stalker module it is fun to play with. The complication doesn’t have anything to do w/ the moon cycle. it’s the menstrual cycle. u know females really are the root cause of all the drama. lol
  • awesome dog, i want to pet it now…..and you can thank me for that stalker tool =)
  • lol, dats ur bro? i was trying to figure out who it was, he’s been to my xanga acoupla times.
  • :(. I’m notup there, but I go to your xanga  all the time…

  • yo you asshole..
    as you can see i have nothing better to do in my life and i have no other way of keepin contact w/ you so haha yes it is true indeed i am a stalker..but i will stop. it’s over fact i was thinkin’ of debuking this fucking’s a waste of time and hardly anyone comes tho i had some fun times writing..obviously there is a reason for whatever u r doing..or not doing rather.

    Well have fun w/ your dog..Hope to see you!

  • ps..hook me up w/ it.
  • okay dude so ur url is saved above gmail

    and i dunno..something just makes me wanna click it


  • Hey… I can’t hear the ffx2 musik… But this backround is a lot better than the old one… Inha’s been gettin’ in trouble a lot these days… And inha has been writin’ in his xanga fer a long time… Scout’s a cool dog… I saw him puek once…

  • Yay I’m third!