Finishing strong

As always, the year is beginning to get into high gear as it approaches the end, but it’s prime time for a little reflection. It’s a scary thought, about how the first year of my college experience is so close to finished. How would I define it? (and yes, I realize that it’s a NU transfer app essay which I won’t be writing )

It’s been so very much that it’s a wonder how fast the years are going by. But if there’s anything that brings me confort, it’s that since I dedicated every year has  been better than the last. Better how? I define good as being meaningful. Meaningful is defined as being memorable. And yes, the past year has been one of the most memorable years of my life. Also probably one of the best chronicled as well; with thousands of digital photos, hours of digital video, and hundreds of thousands of words (digital and on paper) of reflecting in so many
different places (and not always as myself~reflecting as Squishy or NG has been fun). But have I lived it?

I think it’s pretty self-evident that yes, my life hasn’t been a spectator sport this year, with new experiences and inner growth dominating a large portion of my memory. A dear friend says that I’ve changed… and yeah, I probably have, not quite as much as she may have feared, but enough to register though the looking glass. I’ve been very vague yes… I suppose that’s just how I write, since its mostly for myself, I don’t need to elaborate too much.

But there’s a few things that I shall bring up to point. I think I’ve become more… balanced this past year. Maybe I’m maturing (finally! ) or maybe my circumstances have become more closer to “normal”, but… things have gotten to be quite under my control..



So for those of you who’ve been to my room, you’ve probably seen the Great Wall of Literature. And I’m proud to introduce the newest addition to the wall, The Holy Umbrella!

The quote on the bottom left: “Man has no nobler function than to defend the truth”… neither do umbrellas.

Haha—I won the umbrella at China Night here in FAR (a cultural night with free food + Kung Fu Hustle–hilarious movie!) when they asked for
the meaning of  xiè xiè But anyway… it was a test to the floor, to see how long they would let an umbrella stay up in the middle of the hallway. Some said two days, others said four. Still some said just one inebriated night will be the death of it! I said a week…

Four days so far! Going good so far!

So what’s been up lately? The typical question I ask myself when begining to reflect. Oh, a couple days ago, I was talking to Mr. Shih, and he mentioned that “Northwestern was a bit rowdy for him”–haha–and I thought ‘I wonder how he’d take a night at the U of I!’ Of course it’s not as simple as that–every school has its hot spots–but I thought it was funny nonetheless.

Blah, so this has been my pointless post. But I think I’m sick so it’s okay…