Twenty Four is such an amazing series! I don’t think any T.V. series has gripped me so strongly as this in this decade so far–in fact, I haven’t even watched a lot of TV for the last… three years?

Because it’s so good! Granted, it’s not the most realistic series in existence. But it’s fiction nature, like any good series, explores very real questions, and does it with style. The nature of morality, the duality of the value of human life, how knowledge of death changes things… and facing the grim reality when we least want to. The series isn’t “raw” (like many films/books/games that explores questions such as these), which I appreciate and I think, adds to its believability. Plus it’s sheer suspenseful force. Haha–of course, the novelty of a “real-time” series has indeed taken the backseat of all that makes 24 special.

Haha–I’m so glad I came across 24 (now have the entire first three seasons–if you want, ask ), it’s always something to do whenever there’s 44 minutes of free time. I’ve managed to convert a few into the fanship of 24, and am redoubling my efforts, but let me warn you, you MUST watch it from the beginning! Plus, the soundtrack is awesome!

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